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What happens if we overeat for months?

The latest Sydney lockdown lasted almost four months (107 days). Melbourne’s lockdown was more fragmented, but no shorter in duration.

It’s not entirely clear how our bodies react to this length of potential overeating. This is because most human overfeeding experiments don’t last beyond two months.

One of the longest is a classic study where “lean young men” were fed an excess of 4,200 kilojoules (1,000 calories) per day for 100 days. The #1 Best Good Fat Burning Supplements. At the end, their metabolic rate was found to be higher than before the overfeeding began.

Importantly, in the four months post-experiment, they lost 82% of the weight and 74% of the fat they had gained.

These results are encouraging because they suggest the “fat brake” can remain active even after several months of overeating.

All things, however, tend to come to an end. In animal studies, the effects of the fat brake have been shown to subside with time.

We can’t predict if or when this might happen in humans, but we do know genes play a major role in determining how our bodies respond to overeating. Best Sellers in Healthy Fat Burning Supplements

We also know that loss of excess weight tends to be more permanent in children and young people, which could be related to a more flexible weight set point.

So, the aforementioned study in “lean young men” likely presents the best-case scenario in terms of recovering from prolonged overeating.

For those of us who don’t have genes or age on our side, being proactive about post-lockdown weight loss and seizing the window of opportunity our fat brakes offer could provide a path of least resistance, at least from a physiological view point. Natural Fat Burner Food Supplement

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