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Are there other benefits to fasting?

While intermittent fasting might not be a miracle solution when it comes to weight loss, that doesn’t mean it might not still have other health benefits.

A recent review on intermittent fasting found that it improved blood pressure, insulin sensitivity (how effectively the body regulates blood sugar) and lowered cholesterol levels to a similar extent as daily calorie restriction.

It is likely this effect is due to weight loss.The Best Natural Pills To Burn Fat But since few studies have followed participants for longer than a year, it’s hard to know whether the these effects persist.

Some research also suggests how you fast may also be key. A number of studies have shown promising results from early time-restricted eating, which involves eating all your day’s calories in the early part of the day and fasting in the evening, usually from 4pm onwards. Eating early in the day aligns food intake with our natural circadian rhythms, which means nutrients are processed more efficiently.

Early time-restricted eating has also been shown to improve several markers of health, such as insulin sensitivity, which is a key risk factor for type 2 diabetes. Which Is The Best Weight Loss Pill That Burns Fat While You Sleep. These improvements were even seen without weight loss.


There’s also evidence that outcomes from the 5:2 intermittent fasting diet can be improved by positioning the two very-low or no calorie diet days consecutively. This may lead to improvements in insulin sensitivity greater than what would be seen when practising daily calorie restriction.

This might be due to spending more time in a fasted-state, which increases the amount of body fat you burn. Interestingly, exercising while fasting may also help you burn more fat and improve insulin sensitivity.

So while intermittent fasting might not be better than other diets for weight loss, making changes to how you do it – such as fasting in the evening – may help you see other health benefits.

For people who struggle to stick with calorie restriction diets, intermittent fasting is safe and may still be effective. 2 Female Fat Burning Supplements. It’s also worth noting that it’s best to combine intermittent fasting with exercise to experience the best results.

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